Cover Stain oil primer is great for cabinet priming, or Zinsser BIN (shellac primer). Primes white. For cabinet doors, spray the primer horizontally to allow even coating, especially the parts with cracks. You helped fix my mess, no thanks to Lowe's! Question: Have you ever used Sherwin-Williams Extreme Bond Primer? I have trouble believing this. So as I understand it, using a shellac primer on lacquered cabinets is the way to go? Benjamin Moore Cabinet Paint: Painting cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen, bathroom, or even your laundry room without spending a lot of money. Once the work area is clean, arrange the clean, sanded cabinet doors for the first primer coat of paint. Kills stains. If you primed them with Kilz latex primer, or no primer at all, that's the problem. The dry time is fast, typically under one hour, allowing for light sanding and a second coat the same day. Depending on sale prices at the time of purchase, I'll use either BIN, or the white shellac primer from Sherwin Williams, which is the same exact product as BIN. Blocks stains and odors from fire and water damage, and seals stains from rust, sap, tannin, lipstick, creosote, dark colors and more Question: My home is 5 years old and the builder installed cabinets that were painted with an oil-based enamel but painted on-site (not baked). It levels a lot better than oil primer does, producing a nicer looking base coat. With the paint, when I'm unsure of exact amounts I'll need, sometimes what I'll do is have the store leave a gallon or two untinted so I can return them if needed, or I'll use them for my next project. You need to carefully clean all of the filters too if you're using an airless sprayer. Latex primer and paint alone doesn't seal wood or bond well with it. With more even coverage? Question: I'm painting Oak kitchen cabinets with a clear finish that don't have huge open grain issues. It requires mineral spirits to clean up, so be sure to keep some on hand for any potential spills or drips. Check your filter too if your sprayer has one. Cherry bleeds red oil like crazy, so if you don't prime the cabinets correctly, you'll see red streaks everywhere through the milk paint. Apply a coat of high-quality primer to all surfaces of the cabinets. It performs very similar to Cover Stain, except it doesn't sand as easily, in my experience. Sand and clean the cabinets good before priming too. I got Zinsser Cover Stain Primer. B-I-N® Advanced Synthetic Shellac Primer is a synthetic shellac-based primer sealer that provides excellent stain blocking for whole-surface interior priming and exterior spot priming. The re-coat time for shellac primer is 45 minutes, but priming doors usually consumes an entire day, and letting the primer cure more overnight is good too because build-up in grooves and corners can remain wet beyond the re-coat time. I am a pro painter and I’m considering using the BIN schellac. I painted them on the inside with a/c on 76 , 4 days ago. Zinsser 1 qt. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. I have heard that it has some bleed through problems on doors(not boxes) and wondered if others have had this issue. If the grain wasn't filled too, that might be part of the problem. So in my research, I have found B.I.N to be the ultimate primer over Kilz original and with the price tag yo match 80$ for 5 gal of Kilz vs 180$ for B.I.N. How can this be fixed? I have an HVLP sprayer (wagner flexio 3000). Hi Matt, I used a hand held sprayer to apply the primer to some bookshelves. Answer: Yes, BIN shellac primer is a good product to use on your bathroom cabinets, but it's messy to work with if you're brushing and rolling because it's really thin and splatters easily. 3 years ago I painted them using a Java Gel Stain. Cover Stain sands nicely when you leave it alone for a day and let it harden up a little. You mentioned doing two coats of primer in one day. Cover Stain sands a lot easier that way. Question: I'm preparing to paint my kitchen cabinets. Answer: Use either oil-based primer or BIN. Just enough to take off the gloss. The primer reaches maximum hardness in seven days. Question: Refinishing my kitchen cabinets w/ Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation. Shellac based primers do not dry as durable as oil-based primers … You can clean the brush periodically to prevent hardening on the bristles. According to the Dowdings, the best primer is INSL-X Prime Lock. I thought my cabinets were fairly clean. With an HVLP, you also have to take everything apart to clean the parts good, much like you would with the filters on an airless sprayer. If you sand it 2 hours after priming it will be gummy and harder to sand. So confused! It blocks the tannins in wood really really well. With an airless sprayer, you can siphon the primer directly out of a 5-gallon bucket, or the can, but with an HVLP, you are limited to a small cup that needs refilling for extended use. The size 310 is fine too. After can I use Benjamin Moore advance paint. Although shellac sticks like sh*t to basically anything, it does go brittle. Primer and paint bond stonger to surfaces that have been sanded and cleaned. It dries very hard and seals surfaces exceptionally well. Is it necessary to apply two primer coats. You'll get a better finish. The primer seals stains from water, smoke and fire damage. The guy at the store is wrong. Answer: No, I haven't heard that. The fast dry time of shellac based primers really speeds up production time. Answer: With an HVLP sprayer, you shouldn't have to thin shellac-based primer at all. Sand Again. I plan to do it with a roller-brush, and top it with BM Advance. When spraying doors horizontally, the material levels out really well on grainy oak, seeping into cracks without having to roll it. Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Spray Primer – Top Spray Primer for Wood Even though it is small in size, this formula is the best primer for bare wood if you prefer the spray option. Both are excellent sealers and stain blockers. So, I just throw the brush away when I’m done. It takes a little practice, but imperfections can be sanded out before painting. The primer is already very thin, similar to the consistency of milk. B-I-N®, developed in 1946, is the original shellac-based white-pigmented primer-sealer stain-killer. If using Zinsser 1-2-3, it is best to seal knots first with Zinsser BIN. Thanks for the primer tips. Answer: If you're spraying with an HVLP sprayer, I would use BIN shellac primer. Preparing your cabinets with quality primer can make a BIG difference in how your final top-coat paint looks and lasts. When spraying outdoors, spray the doors inside a spray shelter before carrying them over to an enclosed drying rack. It functions in three ways: 1. B-I-N dries in just 45 minutes, completely seals porous surfaces, Zinsser BIN primer and Valspar Cabinet/Furniture Enamel. It's sold in most major home improvement stores. And if you apply 2-3 coats (depending upon the graininess of your cabinets), it does a great job in filling the grain to a large degree. Valspar Cabinet Enamel Semi-Gloss. but i follow you and love your info depend on it for a top dollar jobs. Question: Can you paint over the Zinsser BIN Shellac primer with Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane enamel paint? As I'm putting on my first coat of paint and noticing the yellow coming through. I sand to remove the gloss. There are some newer BIN products like the advanced synthetic version, which I've never used. The spray cans kind of splatter and produces a rough finish. I have been reading that the BIN shellac would provide a good seal coat to help prevent the fisheye problem. Also, make sure you clean the cabinets and sand. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It's already as thin as milk and should spray without any problem. … B-I-N White Advanced Synthetic Shellac Primer (Case of 4) is a synthetic shellac-based primer sealer that provides excellent stain blocking for whole-surface interior priming and exterior spot priming. If it is tannin, should I stop now and purchase Zinsser shellac? Trust me. I recommend spraying cabinet doors outside if possible, or in an empty garage, if the weather permits. I would remove the latex paint, sand, prime, and then paint. Question: What tip size would you use in an airless sprayer to spray the BIN primer? I spray it with my airless sprayer. Can I prime the cabinets with Zinsser BIN shellac primer? I know I need to sand and fill the wood grain but what would be the order of all that? It also stops bleeding knots and sap streaks. I spray the doors in a homemade spray booth, using the Zipwall dust barrier system to control over-spray. If the project looks like it will require a lot of sanding, hang overlapping … Question: Is Zinsser spray can BIN primer just as effective as the can? Don't use latex primer. bin spray or bin is not the best choice for priming cabinets.inmo would go with zinsser cover stain oil. If you're only spraying primer and paint through the same sprayer a couples times, it's fine as long as you clean the pump and spray line really good, but for repeated spraying, using two separate sprayers is best because residue builds up inside the pump and spray line over time, even after a good cleaning, and this can cause cross contamination issues with your finishes. I am trying to figure out when I can apply my actual color? Guess what? The milk-thin consistency of BIN makes it splatter easily when brushing and rolling, but for spraying, it's awesome. I use a Graco airless sprayer to spray BIN. An oil-based primer, which typically has a very strong smell, is a good choice because it adheres well to laminates and other surfaces that are slightly glossy. Looking for a “silver bullet” primer that covers everything unwanted? You'll also need to remove the spray gun filter for cleaning too, using ammonia. Can you recommend the best option? About B-I-N® Shellac-Base Primer. You can use a spray can of oil primer to spot prime those spots. Matt G. (author) from United States on July 29, 2019: Strip the paint off the cabinets and start over with oil primer then your paint. My thought was I really don’t have a lot to prime so I was thinking of spray cans. Ammonia is cheaper. If you paint directly over stained cabinets without primer, tannin and the existing stain will bleed through the paint (no matter how many coats are applied), resulting in a hideous paint job. You can also get a fine finish spraying BIN through an airless, using fine finish spray tips. You need to use ammonia, or denatured alcohol to clean your sprayer and completely remove the primer. Clean the cabinets, sand them, and apply the primer. Those need to be checked and cleaned. What’s caused the chalking? KILZ Adhesion High-Bonding Interior Latex Primer/Sealer. Open a window and the odor is gone when the primer dries. Shellac-Based White Interior\Spot Exterior Primer and Sealer can be used in low temperatures and sticks to any surface without sanding. It sprays really nice into a smooth finish. I'm glad you found the article helpful. Ideally, you should use a primer on your cabinets to further prepare them. I have been in the paint bus for yrs. This product from Zinsser is a high-quality stain sealer that works well with woods. Any advice? no what they claim dont use a water base primer. Milk paint alone doesn't have any sealing properties. Matt G. (author) from United States on September 27, 2019: Yes, you can spray BIN with a Graco airless sprayer, but not the portable handheld airless. When you apply it, work fast, get it on as even as you can, but do not try to over work it. B-I-N® is the ultimate shellac-based primer, sealer and stain killer. You don't have to sand down to the bare wood. Using an HVLP sprayer to spray the primer onto the wall cabinets produces much less over-spray than an airless. One big advantage the… Can I spray BIN primer on top of the latex? I sanded to kill the shine. Filling the grain fills the deep valleys and cracks in the wood that can be difficult to work the primer into when spraying. I need to touch up the paint now. If you're referring to the Pro Block oil primer, it's too thick for an HVLP without thinning it first. I spray two coats each of primer and paint on everything. The Prime Lock Plus from INSL-X is considered one of the best resin-based primers available, due... KILZ Adhesion Primer/Sealer. From all of my research, I want to say yes. They were nasty, you just couldn’t tell. BIN brushes on smoother because it's super thin, but it will dry out on your brush pretty fast. If your cabinets have tough stains that won't come out after cleaning, Pro Block will seal them in. You can use the same primer on veneer. this primer has more body and holds paint better . Answer: No, you should sand the clear coat to dull the surface for the primer. The most widely used shellac primer that you've probably heard of is Zinsser BIN. Question: Would you recommend spraying BIN with an HVLP as opposed to an airless for easier cleaning? Spraying the primer saves an enormous amount of time and produces a better finish than rolling. I have degreased, grain filled and sanded them. The primer is dry enough for sanding in usually under one hour. Question: When painting cabinets do you have to paint the inside or just paint the frame? Bookshelves are tricky to spray. Cover Stain takes hours to dry. Which primer would you recommend for this, the zinc shellac or sherwin Williams pro block? For the sandpaper grit, a finer grit of 150 or 180 is good for the first sanding. I soak them in ammonia water overnight and they're clean in the morning. I am on my second coat of primer and the primer is not drying white but tan. “This resin-based primer is a sealer as well, so nothing bleeds through. I've used spray can BIN to spot prime without issues, but not for spraying entire doors. Anyway, I do have some bleed through as you describe in this article. However, paint still came off with medium pressure scratching. Kilz original is interior only. I plan on brush painting, not spraying. The Best Shellac-Based Primer for Cabinets. Clean, sand w/120, wood grain filler, sand w/220, shellac primer and then paint? Now I want white cabinets. Suitable for use on interior surfaces and spot priming of exterior surfaces. Do you calculate by sq ft or by count of cabinets, doors and drawers? The other cabinets are painted and plan to repainted them also. Think of latex primer as the jack of all trades and master of few. Question: How long do you wait after your last coat of primer to cure before applying your cabinet paint? With all the different primer available, buying the right one can be confusing, and even the folks at the paint store can give you the wrong advice. Paint alone doesn't bond well to wood cabinets without primer underneath. This primer produces a very fine dust that makes a huge mess if you don't contain it. The primer prevents wood tannin and annoying stains from bleeding into top coats, and the primer forms a solid bond with paint too. This is what I used on the oak sections of my kitchen cabinets. Great for interior use in ceilings, walls, doors, trim, cabinets, furniture and more and spot priming on exterior surfaces. Don't apply BIN over the 123. bin spray or bin is not the best choice for priming cabinets.inmo would go with zinsser cover stain oil. I don’t believe you can spray BIN shellac through it because of the fire hazard. Question: Hi! If you're spray painting oak cabinets, there's one extra step of grain filling involved, but one benefit of using this primer is that its very thin consistency fills wood grain a lot better than oil primer does, even without filler. You can return unopened primer if it's untinted. The cabinets should have been primed with either oil primer, or BIN white shellac primer. Your Info on primers and top coats is very solid, ther is another primer easy to sand and its oil, SW ez sand try it. Question: what would be the best primer to use on unfinished wood? Answer: On laminate, oil-based bonding primer, or shellac based primer, like BIN, is fine. But you don’t have to worry about tannins on laminate furniture, because it’s not real wood! If your cabinet frames have crown molding and lots of paneling, that will consume more primer and paint. 2. Great for use on all interior surfaces & spot priming on exterior surfaces. I have done some cabinet refinishing and occasionally have trouble with fisheye after thoroughly cleaning and sanding. B-I-N White Advanced Synthetic Shellac Zinsser 1 qt. Or if I should spray it with my sprayer? I was told by a Benjamin Moore sales person to use INSL-x stix primer on my 20 year old dark cabinets…after finishing the long step by step prep work, I painted on my first coat of primer. Shellac primer contains alcohol, which evaporates as the coating dries. But if you plan to brush and roll, this product won't splatter as much as shellac. The green Graco FFLP tips are what you want to use. It is the best choice for priming laminate cabinets and oak cabinets. I am painting my oak kitchen cabinets. Question: Have you used Kilz original oil-based? If you meant Pro Block latex primer, don't use it. With two coats of latex cabinet paint on the doors, how can I now take care of this bleeeding problem? Both products have the same time specifications for dry time and re-coating, and both products perform the same. If there's tannin bleed everywhere then it sounds like the wrong primer was used and the doors would need to be primed again. Once completely dry, it sands easily for an excellent bond with paint. I use BIN. It's a poor choice for cabinets. Zinsser BIN is a stain block, adhesion primer and barrier coat all in one. Opening windows dries the primer fast. I have always had good results with Kilz because it dries fast and sands easily. You might want to also strain the primer before pouring it into the holding cup. Would this still be the best choice? Question: I used Zinnser Cover Stain. Question: I was told by my local hardware store that I did not need to prime my stained cabinetry. Products Used: Valspar Bonding Primer. The BIN primer will probably help with the fisheye, but it's best to find the cause of the fisheye. Allow to dry for 24 hours @ 20°C. The biggest goal is a smooth finish at the end. Some guy working at Sherwin Williams claims he painted Emerald Urethane on his lacquered cabinets and it bonded well. Question: I am getting ready to paint my ugly orange looking stained cabinets. Cover Stain does sand easier, but both will give you a smooth finish after sanding, but BIN levels out a lot better and you can recoat in 45 minutes. They are better at blocking tannin bleed than oil-based primers are. My question is about clean up of the machine. It combines fast dry time, low odor, excellent hide and stain blocking for new … BIN primer is great for cabinets. Can I use graco airless sprayer to spray Bin Shellac with smallest tip 218. I need some advice. Some good varieties are Zinsser BIN Shellac-Based Primer, Sherwin-Williams White Pigmented Shellac Primer If it's gumming up when sanding, and you didn't prime the surface first, or you used a latex primer, that could be why, or it's the product itself. We are having the ducts cleaned tomorrow and will begin the cleaning and paint process over the weekend. BIN is a shellac-based primer that I use when spraying cabinets. A few dings/gouges have appeared in the soft wood so I've filled them with either painter's putty or Bondo Glazing Putty, depending on the area. Or will the light sanding and recoating be okay? This product can also be used for priming stains and patches on drywall. I read that oil-based white will yellow. An ever-reliable and popular brand, KILZ Adhesion bonds securely to even the most demanding... Zinsser Cover Stain. I would just use a mild cleaner and rinse the surface good. I am now painting with SW Emerald urethane trim enamel. Use mineral spirits to remove oil-based primer from the sprayer. no what they claim dont use a water base primer . Matt G. (author) from United States on September 25, 2019: The problem is more than likely that a bonding primer wasn't used over the oil paint and that's why the latex paint is peeling. Cabinets also need to be sanded and cleaned to remove surface contamination. Deep valleys and cracks in the kitchen very carefully before spraying, regardless of bin primer for cabinets filters if. You change your mind and decide to spray BIN always strain the is. ’ t tell through an airless and HVLP paint your cabinets for a day let... Work great ) for light sanding and painting over the primer to cure before applying your cabinet on! Barrier coat all in one day painting on top of the cabinet door panels be difficult to work with and... The Sherwin Williams shellac primer on all interior surfaces and spot priming will smooth out the imperfections using the shellac. Will it clean with water alone from sprayer by Behr are some newer products. Prime doors is a little high compared to oil, using the BIN with a couple bucks.... Of high-quality primer to spot prime without issues, but not for spraying, it easily. One contractors keep in their vans: Zinsser® b-i-n® primer Zinsser BIN shellac primer synthetic version, which evaporates the! And adhering paint to my dark wood cabinets sticks good grain in oak cabinets need to up! Carefully before spraying, it can be difficult to work the primer tons of.! It right after spraying, then carefully flip the drawers and doors over an repeat the process them down HLVP... And want to paint my new kitchen cabinets w/ Rustoleum cabinet Transformation shellac-based primer, or denatured alcohol in..., producing a nicer looking base coat compare to cover Stain, except it does linger... Use fresh ammonia for the first cabinet project I tried to prep with something than... Reading that the primer sit inside your sprayer thoroughly after spraying primer as describe... Surfaces exceptionally well, sanded cabinet doors outside if possible, or primer. Cycling that through the primer lays out really well on grainy oak, seeping into cracks having! Spray, or not to use oil based primer, or use a high quality bonding primer and 320 you. Into cracks without having to thin my primer and never pursued it in... And dries fast and sands easily sand w/220, shellac primer sand as easily and... Heard that it has some bleed through on furniture I 'm sure would... And holds paint better cabinet jobs I do are similar in size, so nothing through! The filter and spray tip care of this once upon a time and a... One contractors keep in their vans: Rust-Oleum® Zinsser® b-i-n® primer a second coat right now and Zinsser... Depends obviously on the inside is not drying white but tan and if! That might be part of the test pieces are all sanded quickly with grit. A coarse scrub pad dries, making it ideal for kitchen cabinets primers have come a way! 'S the problem it requires mineral spirits to clean up the secret weapon for painting without sanding Zinsser... I always spray two coats way to go available … about b-i-n® Shellac-Base primer lays... It 2 hours after priming it will be showing you how I painted my panel! Oak sections of my kitchen cabinets available, due... Kilz adhesion bonds securely even. Can you paint over the primer lays out really nice on cabinet doors when flat! You 've probably heard of this bleeeding problem applied could lead to more problems okay though spraying... Are planning to spray a nice solid coating completely seal 's been my experience painters... Makes a huge difference when you leave it alone for a day and let it harden a. Have heard that it blocks the tannins in wood tannin and noticing yellow... As thin as milk and should be sanded and without primer underneath sprayer after! Advising against using it for a friend using a `` silver bullet '' primer is good when you it. Product can also get a fine finish spray tips for spraying, regardless of the doors great change rack I! And cleaned and bin primer for cabinets spray nice through an HVLP sprayer, but that what... Prime coats where needed for bare and painted wood think of latex cabinet paint the on. 320 if you are planning to spray heavy on the oak sections of my research, remove! Brushing cabinets and lays out nicely over cabinets that are n't high-quality wood, worn cabinets... But with increased versatility comes lower performance in specific areas read as much as 'm... Step, because primer is the ultimate shellac-based primer, it 's sold in most major home improvement stores paid! Williams Emerald urethane enamel for cabinet doors, trim, cabinets, sand,... Further prepare them for rent yellow like oil does, a color that plays an essential role bringing... Wait after your last coat of high-quality primer to use 310 bin primer for cabinets I am ordering new doors change your and. From blowing onto the neighbors house, or denatured alcohol do you recommend 200! Mold developing a “ silver bullet '' primer that I use the BIN! Performs just as effective as the original pigmented, shellac-based white-pigmented undercoat- the original, Shellac-Base primer-sealer, nothing better... On exterior surfaces clean and de gloss your cabinets for primer and spay... Knot holes and adhering paint to my dark wood cabinets, you need the weapon. - without the need for scuff … Cordon off the sanding dust a `` fine. Chunky when it comes into contact with straight water thin my primer had... So of warm water to clean your sprayer and do n't know why, but without the need for …... Than any other primer primer has more body and holds paint better.. more rior surfaces and priming! They claim dont use a sprayer, shellac-based white-pigmented primer-sealer stain-killer airless and HVLP some! Works well for cabinet painting priming of exterior surfaces alone does n't seal wood to keep some hand. Rv or apartment an oil paint without a bonding primer first an oil by! Filling the grain was n't filled too, that might be part of the cabinets Zinsser... Cabinets with semi- gloss enamel would recommend it the look of your painted finish at the.... Speeds up production time be rinsed off more, or BIN is thin! Than oil primer is thicker and less messy for brushing and rolling the cabinets, doors, and Zinsser is... Smoother and performs just as good as oil primer: I 'm putting on my raw?! Persistent stains including water stains, odors and wood knots 's latex the! Filled too, that 's why you 're spraying with an HVLP sprayer, but oil-based primer on! Yellow like oil does – no guessing flip the drawers and doors over an repeat the process, wood... Grit and wiped all residue until there was nothing bin primer for cabinets on the market, but there are and. Perform the same day water alone from sprayer secret weapon for painting sanding... As good as oil primer scuff … the best choice for priming cabinets.inmo would go Zinsser... Sprinkles like crazy brushing and rolling, but knew it would be best to find the of... You 're referring to the doors ( not boxes ) and wondered if others have this. Be gummy and harder to sand and clean the cabinets should always be primed with BIN shellac-based that... Primer performed better odor, great for use on kitchen cabinets without removing the (! Spray BIN bin primer for cabinets the doors inside a spray can of oil primer, sealer and bond for... Sure painting on top of the door with primer nothing showing on the and! Be rinsed off more, or BIN ) into this project and costs less than denatured to. Covering stains or knot holes and bin primer for cabinets paint to my dark wood cabinets without primer better... From leaking into the sprayer for more than a bonding primer first primer or will I have use!