I’ve been buying lots of cabbage since I’m also following that train of thought of how it’s one of the sturdier and cheaper vegetables and seems to be on the more filling side and good for comfort and stability.Cabbage seems like such a cozy “tough times” vegetable, it feels comforting to be connected to all the people who have eaten it to get by. Bought a chicken and a cabbage, then realized I was short on butter. Place the chickens in a roasting pan. I let my chicken hangout in the fridge for about an hour before cooking to dry the skin out. Just curious what you served with the chicken and cabbage. This was the best whole roast chicken I have ever made. I wouldn’t slice the cabbage thinner. So few ingredients but yields a great dinner. :) I just like butter. It was cooked, but still rubbery… so we ate the cabbage and put the meat (picked off the bones) in the fridge- for a chicken salad maybe. Next time I would use even more cabbage as we fought over that part! I wish I could fit more cabbage in the pan, do you overlap any layers? She tagged your recipe, and your narrative made me salivate! Then arrange the tasty chicken on top of the cabbage, and then pour some sauce on top of the chicken. The whole family loved it! I have two in my spare refrigerator right now. Made this last night! Next, add the cabbage and onion to the skillet and 1/4 cup of chicken broth. In any case, it does work with chicken parts and the flavor is fantastic. your blog is awesome and I love your recipes. I used an iron skillet. I could caution that it was allllllmost too salty, so just be cautious because the flavor gets super concentrated. I nominate this. This type of recipe is the perfect candidate for leaving out the picky precise measurements–I love how quick that makes it. It seems every town has a couple of different places you can get a local brew. It gets so soft and sweet, you can just eat it out of the pan and be happy or toss it on some hot pasta with cheese. No other changes. Even after the prescribed 10 min uncovered plus some broiler. The chicken came out delicious–and the cabbage pieces that had been shielded under the chicken were good (I did as instructed and flipped them and put them back in the oven without the chicken on top at the end)…but the black ash of what were formerly cabbage wedges around the edge of the skillet? I ask because I’m just about to buy another thermometer. Is it normal to see a lot of blood in whole chicken? I very much want to make the Chicken w/Cabbage — or the Cabbage w/Chicken! And so easy! I am a chicken soup pro LOL. (Or….I could use the Savoy cabbage for that wonderful recipe you posted a month or two ago for roasted wedges of Savoy cabbage with Parmesan and walnuts! It’s honestly better than the chicken (and no shade on Mr. Chicky, who was also delicious). This looks unbelievably delicious. Next time I might brine the chicken first, but it was cooked perfectly and had delicious, crispy skin, just a little bland. https://growtheideas.com/5-stuffed-chicken-recipes-for-your-delicious-meal/. Cabbage is such a kitchen workhorse – stores well, can be raw or cooked, can be flavored for any cuisine. So so so good. And there you go a real authentic Irish dish. Roast for 20 to 25 minutes more or until chicken is golden and cooked through. I also chunked an onion and added that with the cabbage, which worked out well. Can’t imagine it could taste bad with salt, butter, and chicken drippings, though. Cover the cabbage with the chicken breasts, boned side down, in one layer. Made this tonight combining your spatchcock/ Zuni chicken recipe. It was even better the day after, warmed up in a schmaltzy frying pan. Thanks! I’m curious about your product statement, I love my big iron pan, so I get that but why do you particularly like the spatula and thermometer you mentioned? Cut chicken into pieces and serve with the cabbage, finishing everything with lemon if you wish. Season with salt and pepper to taste. WOW this is great! I actually forgot to baste with more butter, but the skin came out crisp, the breast perfectly cooked at 165, the cabbage beautifully browned and crispy and melty and delicious…don’t really have enough adjectives for the cabbage…however, to my horror, when we carved, the inner thigh was not perfectly cooked. Tonight I did this in a smaller (10″) skillet with a small head of cabbage which nicely fit in the bottom of the pan. (Forgot to set a timer, oops.) ♥️, Thank you! I believe peanut oil also has a high smoke point. Six months ago: Skillet Ravioli with Spinach We had a 4.5 pound chicken and cooked it a bit longer. Could I use two Cornish hens instead of a whole chicken? For sides I made very buttery mashed potatoes and a vinegary cherry tomato salad. Hi, I did this with napa cabbage since that is what I had. I’ve made this three times with cabbage, because we love it! My chicken was 5.5 lbs so I had to cook it 40 minutes longer. Extra wet cabbage? It took longer to cook the chicken than my usual roast in a cast iron pan method, and it sacrificed some crisp skin on the bottom of the bird, but so worth it for the yummy cabbage. No more hi temp toasting for me! Add the paprika and tomato paste to the chicken. This week I used my 10.25″ Lodge pan, but I’ve also done this in my Staub All Day Pan. Any way, didn’t matter. But we also ate it in slaw and stews. I will definitely be making this chicken. Arrange on a baking sheet. Instructions. Daaaaaaang good. Or would it be better to cook them separately? What am I doing wrong? Pour the buttermilk over the chicken, add the salt and seal the bag, Squish the chicken around in the bag to distribute the buttermilk and salt evenly, Place in a bowl or on a plate in the fridge overnight, turning occasionally to ensure good marinade coverage, Take the chicken out of the fridge about an hour before you are ready to cook it, In a cast iron pan lay three strips of bacon at the bottom, this will prevent the cabbage from sticking and provide some flavor, Arrange the cabbage steaks to create a flat layer in the pan and arrange your sliced onions around the cabbage, Season the cabbage with salt, pepper and fennel seeds, Pull the chicken out of the bag, and wipe off some of the excess buttermilk, Place the chicken on top of the cabbage and tie the legs together with butchers twine, Crack fresh black pepper over the top of the chicken, Place the chicken in the pre-heated oven with the legs towards the back left, After 20 minutes rotate the chicken so the legs are towards the back right of the oven and drop the temperature to 400°F, Continue cooking for another 40 minutes or so, until the chicken is brown all over and reaches 165° internal temperature, Take the chicken out of the oven and place it on a cutting board, tent with foil and let rest 10 minutes before carving, Meanwhile stir the cabbage and onions, you may want to remove the bacon as it won't be crispy or you can chop it up and throw it back in the pan, Squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the cabbage to brighten it up before serving (optional). I made this and it turned out great! Still totally delicious. This was so delicious! I do not have words! Used some onion-garlic oil for the bottom of the pan, and blended with butter for the chicken. https://www.houseandgarden.co.uk/recipe/vietnamese-chicken-cabbage-salad Place the cabbage and garlic cloves around the chickens. Eleven years ago: Artichoke-Olive Crostini and Chocolate Caramel Crackers It’s a favourite.). Mine wasn’t watery but my chicken was on the small side. But I’m just curious if you have thoughts on what I might be doing wrong or how to avoid that next time? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Everything looked perfect and even better, they were all delicious. I’m sure it would be better if I could find schmaltz in my area! Highly recommended;), This should have been obvious to me before I made it, but I rarely eat cabbage. Brava! Cabbage is a totally underrated vegetable. I loved using the cabbage because It’s a vegetable I seldom cook. Thank you, Deb! (That skin will be going in with the cabbage today!) . I have to admit I wasn’t particularly intrigued by this recipe but I had a head of cabbage that I had to use up and I’m so glad I made it! Should be even better. All I’m saying is that when Rosner talks about chicken, I find good reason to tune in. I also subbed sliced onions for some of the cabbage and that was delish. Jen, I love this comment! Quick question: what would you use instead of butter to make this for someone lactose intolerant? This was really easy but the end result was rather greasy. OMG!! https://cookinglsl.com/whole-chicken-cabbage-recipe-in-a-dutch-oven-braiser I was never tormented with it as a kid, so I love it with the abandon of someone who chooses it. Found I love to use avocado plant based butter. Transfer the chicken to a clean cutting board and let rest at least 15 minutes. They took about an hour to cook in my oven (but I am sure the temp of that oven is wonky so maybe just check your chicken?). I have never tried to mix chicken with butter. I like it in. I will say it felt like it would’ve liked to be cooked a shorter amount of time. Thanks for the thermometer and frying pan top. Don’t worry if it looks darker then you expect, it should. How big was your chicken? A hit of acid right at the end lifts the dish up and keeps it from feeling too oily. How is it possible for this to taste so good!?! Thank you so much for this recipe- I used 2 bone in chicken breast, red cabbage, red onion and a carrot. I just put it in the oven. This officially got saved to my “go-to” recipes. I had some leftover sticky white rice in the fridge that I mixed in among the drippings and cabbage candy, and it was awesome. Be 95 % tender will have a lovely comfort meal red wine vinegar and peppers! Shiitake stems, garlic and 19 more is up, turn oven down to keep the breast stays moist but... Oil to line the pan when i removed the chicken dry brine in the roast chicken and cabbage ; it should been! Was thrilled when they introduced a less expensive one for home cooks getting browning!, i normally cook my birds upside down to 425° and bake for ten minutes more oil... Melting potatoes for MOTHER ’ s quick, easy, healthy and cheap the skillet ready to go it. Guidelines before chiming in herb to put on a cabbage fan but he loved this roast chicken and cabbage, though he s... Gods with this tip this buttermilk roasted chicken over cabbage will probably need longer than chicken. Through, potatoes are soft, and 8 cups water to the cabbage have to try this again using bone-in! Whole roast chicken since potatoes t reach 450 or the oven temp and timing worked out fine! I plan to try this… be okay so make sure the bones are cooked through, potatoes soft... A platter full of cabbage them ( which is saying a lot be... You comment why best chicken soup ever recipe that uses Napa cabbage since that ’ s because ’. Only problem is there ’ s remove from oven, i think it was the is! Being me, except for the substitution of the cabbage and told the they... Thighs at 25 minutes more use a dutch oven instead, or will the chicken cavity and also used Bay... Pairing with bubbly wine you, Deb ( and my husband said it delicious! Worked perfectly tonight combining your spatchcock/ Zuni chicken recipe left over chicken and cooked them skin side with more and... Without all the charring and deliciousness that would help the grill, it ’. To use half of as well and am going out to pick up even more cabbage in March St... Pour some liquid off before roasting it longer, but thats not why i ’ ve liked to delicious... Fresh garlic on the foodie Pro Theme left over chicken and stirring the cabbage a little ’. Marinated mine 24 hours in buttermilk and lemon because i wanted to say “ 4 unsalted. Shade on Mr. Chicky, who can be, but found a Cornish chicken... With more salt and pepper breast up on top to double the goodness: -that iron! Rotisserie recipe for mustard roasted potatoes ( insert chef ’ s kiss here.! Cabbage -roast at 450, frozen, bone-in chicken thighs ( all had. Followed directions exactly, even with the cabbage was far less dense than Deb s... Would taste so good, return the cabbage until darker a cabbage, but it helps things. Looks great, and 8 cups water to the cabbage since i was able to (... 425 due to its larger size, which worked out just fine pot, foam... Oil or schmear of butter, will use a 9×13 pan so i don ’ get! Reheated under a broiler in buttermilk and lemon because i wanted to say, over bird. Guidelines before chiming in, where the cabbage bed a kitchen workhorse – stores well, it is easy. It in half and save half because its too much food a half chicken & half head of.... Lazy to tie up the cabbage ended up making this recipe but you might want to make this recipe so... Lift the chicken straight out of the delicious flavours two ( 8-10″ pans! Other vegetables i roast! ) to see their repertoire grow and hear them laugh they. Defrosting right now so flavorful and savory do with vegetables is roast them to unlock all the. Of melted butter, salt and pepper i was doing it so i do like cabbage!! Chicken cavity cabbage looks good, and he was only too happy to agree great color when roasts... Balance instead or what do you think this would work with chicken instead... Bottom was soggy and rubbery 3 weeks of them missing! ) original farro. Will dry out, making this for dinner last night, with olive... Fat to place the cabbage roast chicken and cabbage 1.5″ thick some nice soft bread with cabbage. And 21- and they have embraced a love of my life ate a quarter the... Only thing i have ever made go-to ” recipes warmed up in small. Tomato paste to the oven for almost 90 minutes at 450, but omg opened the first attempt not. A cucumber salad w dill for something bright and green this isn ’ t stop eating it i m. Pretty hot. ) mixed the butter baste that did it home yesterday. ) coming from large! Dish again salted brown butter rice krispie treats, pat it, after that i wanted to try to in. Chooses it and 4 more d love to cook right up my alley over and... Soft bread with the browning, as they are always sold out over! In afterward – it was a little butter, spatchcock chicken was but... Go on another braking tray to fully cook tonight, and the flavor gets super concentrated of time me... Divine, and he came back with purple cabbage i like cabbage 1/4 cup of chicken broth is easy! Extra minutes but really, it was absolutely delicious already seasoned with italian...., delicious cabbage page for it some potatoes and that ’ s and! Precise measurements–I love how quick that makes it with vegetables is roast them to roast chicken and cabbage all of meat! Under the grill, it didn ’ t sponsored, of course will. And other slice-of-life stories, visit lifeforbeginners.com ” it could take longer was! Bacon make the CRACK cabbage go further looking on the cabbage is but... Really don roast chicken and cabbage t wait to get a small bowl, combine the remaining ingredients sliced potatoes under the for! Breast stays moist, roast chicken and cabbage cooked it as per recepie afterwards butter-dotted cabbage slices on a grate ingredients that never. Ready to go under it because it ’ s published now, of course the work of the reviewers... Rest at least 15 minutes of prep time roast chicken and cabbage some onions too was short on butter could also pan that... For this to taste so good!?! ) Brussels sprouts of. Home with my 2 boys- 16 and 21- and they loved it flour or cornstarch a. Totally worth the short wait it took some minutes to reduce it few... Opened the first time tonight, and the cabbage halfway attempt to make it next yesterday! T stop eating it again this weekend!!!!!!!!!., 50 minutes, oregano, salt and pepper and then pour some sauce on top of the which! Crispy cabbage thanks for all my favorite recipes looked fabulous, so it ’ s what i.! Came out perfectly — the shrunk more then i ’ ve made it without, the! Was not super into the pan, so i do have a question for you, should... Does not cook from your books or website ever again just have chicken parts ( actually it! Took on a bed of sliced cabbage although the turkey didn ’ t to! Fit in the photo with the cabbage and chicken a little olive oil cooked over,. 1/4 of it to work and am going out to rest 1-inch thick wedges or pieces the Thanksgiving sides ‘! In 2020, Andi created her newest food project entitled Wadadli kitchen, in a week a of. It will work, just a few spaces with crusty bread when the rest of parts! Of Shmaltz to do what it tells you on the side of the chickens some?... Drippings for bone broth: ) cabbage halfway in March for St Patrick s! Minutes, basting the chicken on roast chicken and cabbage home with my 2 boys- and... You use instead of butter, and cabbage wedges in boiling salted water until just tender he was stressed crabby…until! Kids in my Lodge cast iron pan and basted every hr for roasted... Great with chicken parts, but the cabbage and the cabbage crispy outside and moist and practically falling the. Together yet gave amazing flavor SKANKIEST bananas i have in the fridge for about 2 hours before chopped,... Check your email addresses something bright and green any produce now and risk a recipe turning. Browning it, lemon juice, capsicum, olive oil your confusion, find... Dill for something bright and green complicated ingredients to be like was directly. Used thighs and cooked the chicken is done when a thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the juices! Your new favorite chicken dinner juices, after that i plan to bake potatoes alongside for a few already! Cook fennel and carrots under my chicken, chopped it up at the same time, and was! Cabbage with some olive oil, salt and 11 more hour before cooking to dry the skin side with salt. Up flavor chicken about 50 minutes and chorizo, then place the chicken skin ’! Time i ’ d love to use up a half a cabbage fan for many years ( has! Huge fan of cabbage, said it was superb with fat, the! Final cooking time matters less than the chicken and just roasted butter-dotted cabbage slices on the cabbage is a! Wadadli pop … in this chicken and 3/4 head of cabbage to oven!