;D. OMG I used to LOVE the otis spunkmeyer muffins! I didn’t realise until I’d completed the mixture that it hadn’t been added yet so I added it last, potentially a reason why mine didn’t rise a lot! Lastly, stir in chocolate chips. I used 1/2 cup of whole milk yogurt in place of the beets (she also needs to gain weight so I pack in as much fat as I can) though next time I will try adding in some avocado too. Anywho, these were a fun experiment for a great – thanks for sharing your awesome recipes! And it was quick and easy to make. If I can locate organic cherries I will eventually try it as intended! Thankfully this blogger actually has a button right at the top of the page that says “jump to recipe.” So you don’t actually have to scroll next time. As long as it’s a purée. I made them as the recipe called for, except subbed plum puree for the beets. these are the BEST muffins I have ever had in my life that were made from scratch! By accident I pureed the beet raw. Set aside. I like it most with applesauce, yet beets give a delicious dirty beet taste to the chocolate cake, which I like. Ha! We gotta sneak ’em in somehow! What could be better than a chocolate muffin? YUM! Enjoy! I’ve made chocolate beet muffins before that used raw beets. We’re so glad you and your family enjoy them, Kristy! I used pre-cooked beets, soy milk instead of almond milk, and half spelt flour / half white flour, and coconut sugar instead of brown sugar (because these are what I had!). I used oat milk instead of almond milk and coconut sugar instead of brown sugar :) thank you so much for sharing the recipe ! Thank you for this recipe! Jan 15, 2019 - Heart-healthy vegan muffins made with fresh red cherries and chopped dark chocolate. Thanks :). they were divine!!! For my non – vegan kids, would love to try this with real eggs, any suggestions on the need to alter other ingredients? I baked these today using the Gluten-Free Goddess GF flour mix (my first attempt at GF subbing), and the texture came out great. Oh great! Officially toddler-approved! The perfect snack or dessert. I have! These are the best vegan muffins on the internet. I will go to shop behind beet ;). I used whole wheat all purpose flour and went a little light the sugar since they’re for my toddlers. I love making these muffins for my family. Kids are loving them and hubby will be very thankful later tonight when his sugar tooth takes over. I’m not big on counting calories myself – I believe more in intuitive eating. I was so pleased with how they turned out. Thanks for the great recipe! Hi, these look amazing and I’m planning to try them tomorrow. We haven’t tried it, but it should work! Prepare flax egg by mixing flax meal and water in a large bowl - let rest for 5 minutes. Feb 18, 2017 - Tender, fluffy, vegan chocolate muffins made with chocolate chips in 1 bowl! More on this fact here and here. Last week I made them with beets. Sep 14, 2018 - Vegan pumpkin muffins that are tender, sweet, and studded with chocolate chips. Came out great ! Chocolate-cherry muffins, that are vegan! I also opted for 12 muffins instead of the original 9, however, my mixture only yielded enough for 6 muffins? Each muffin boasts just 170 calories! How much dates did you use? With an 8×8 pan it’s the same baking time ~ I accidentally baked probably 20 mins total, but I’d bake for 17 mins next time. :). I also added 2x chia eggs (just in case). This is a true statement. I do make this sub regularly when I’m in a rush and don’t want to melt the coconut oil I will use grapeseed oil instead. Should these be really moist in the middle? Highly recommended!! I just wish the recipe made 12! Just made these and they were a hit with my parents, who are super picky with dessert! Oct 15, 2013 - Vegan pumpkin muffins that are tender, sweet, and studded with chocolate chips. :). If I’m ever in London, WE’RE TOTALLY DOING IT. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. I love animals, but I mainly did it for a lifestyle change. Just made these and the entire family LOVED them, even the PICKY middle kid!! I’m totally going to speed home and make these tonight. I’ve determined that they definitely fall under the category of dessert, and make a damn tasty brownie. On that particular shot that was all me. Mmmm, so so beautiful. Great looking recipe. Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! These turned out great! Thank you for sharing. It just so happens I have all the ingredients – I’ll be subbing agave for maple syrup and let you know the results! I’m from a little island in the Caribbean and its almost impossible to find whole wheat pastry flour in our supermarkets. Thanks for the delicious recipe! I love the dark chocolate! The cherries are abundant and bursting with flavor, and the chocolate peeks through to give just the touch of decadence you crave. It was interesting how much the colour changed with baking, from quite purple to a perfect rich chocolatey brown. There was the tiniest of carrot-y aftertastes, but not enough to stop me from making these again. thanks friend. Many of your recipes I can make as is and they work for her! I’ve been making this recipe for about 5-6 years now, and it’s always been a favorite. I cooked the second batch for only 15min and they seem less dense. I am allergic to tree nuts, what can I sub for the almond milk? brown sugar I often get beets in my CSA box, and I find that for me eating them by themselves just roasted up can be a little intense for me. If you have those things on hand, you’re in business. Look forward to hearing from you . I should have been vary considering it was a brownie recipe, but had no sugar. I love this recipe! BUT, when the cherries are fresh and the chocolate is dark and chopped in thick chunks, you know I’m all about it. I made them in a mini muffin tin using a one-tablespoon cookie scooper and baked for 13 minutes at 375 degrees. My daughter loved them and wants me to bake some for her bday. Thanks for consistently good recipes! I added it to the blender along with the other liquids to puree the beets and then dumped everything in a bowl to mix in the rest of the ingredients. Love these! Let me know if you try them out :D. Top these with some of your Peanut Butter Mousse and I’m in heaven. Keep it coming, Dana. See instruction 1 for a link to roasting instructions. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Dec 10, 2014 - Vegan pumpkin muffins that are tender, sweet, and studded with chocolate chips. That means you can eat at least 2-3 at any given moment, right? I love them! Glad these things stalked your childhood, too :D. This might be the only way I’ll ever get my finace to eat beets. Nonetheless, super happy with the recipe :). I actually DO have all these ingredients on hand! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Jordan! Delish ? I have some frozen beet puree – do you think that would work okay? Your website/blog has been a lifesaver for me. What 1.5 meant I’m new to baking. I love your site and I’m so glad a friend told me about it! You are awesome! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Yes, that was correct! Thank you for this healthier version of their favorite muffin! Went on to make the beet hummus which is also delicious. Whoop! I’m always looking for ways to healthier treats, I have two very picky men at home. I didn’t have brown sugar when making them so I substituted that with silan (or date syrup), And i opted to keep it gluten free with coconut flour and they came out just as delicious!! Thank you so much for this recipe, will be sure to make again!! Lol but now i wanna try it wouldn’t fruit and maybe do a mint chip with nuts muffin. We’re so glad you and your kids enjoy these muffins, Ashley! Decided to whip up a batch for Australia Day and everyone was blown away when I told them they were eating beetroot Hehehe! Some of these are already gluten-free, and this link to the Minimalist Baker will help adjust the others for those gluten-sensitive folks that want to give them a try. The second day, these were fudgy, moist and dense. Your recipes are amazing!!!!! I used a blend of whole wheat, whole wheat pastry, and buckwheat flour- I love the flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture that buckwheat flour lends to muffins. These look absolutely delicious!! :oD. I was praised as, “The best mom in the world!” Thank you!!!! Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner! hello, can i use frozen cherries instead of fresh one because its kind of hard to find fresh one from the local market that i staying. Thanks again for the wonderful recipe! I used an 8″ round pan and using the whole recipe made 1 cake. Yum! Every other recipe I find says to pair them with goat cheese, which I am 100% over. LIKE okay. These muffins turned out to be the best muffins I’ve ever had in my life. You know, something sweet. Dana you are amazing. Its very informative, and laid out nicely!! Have tried several of your recipes and just finished making a batch of these this afternoon, I had to comment and tell you how much I enjoy your site! people loved them. Beets and chocolate are my two favorite things so obviously I’m obsessed, but I’ve made these for even the pickiest eaters and everyone has loved them! Need help? I have had them just once in a veggie burger and was very turned off by them…but in chocolate…that could work! Yay for vegetables in muffins! Great website, I look forward to trying your granola bar recipe as well. I am going to try these with Trader Joe’s roasted beets, taking the easy way out. Thanks for thinking outside the beet box! I mean it. Question- when you do shots of your hand, pouring or dropping, do you have John help you or is that all you? I think I will try that!!! I’m very happy with the result! We’re so glad they turned out well, Eva! Thanks Dana for this wonderful recipe. Thanks so much for sharing! WOW, Dana!! Thanks Karin! So delicious! All the times I’ve made, they’ve turned out splendidly. I want to make the muffins more fluffy. I do have a lot of flax meal that needs to be used, but I also have a few duck eggs I was given that I’m dying to try out. I am lactose intolerant so I love baking vegan recipes, and these hit the spot. It’s a treat I can give my kids and feel pretty good about. By far the best chocolate muffins I have ever had. Maybe I will add some milk/water during the next batch, just to thin it out a bit so that the muffins are super moist. And I am so putting the pb mouse on them! In a large mixing bowl, stir together almond flour, dark chocolate chips, gluten-free flour, baking powder, salt, and organic brown sugar. So I have never used beets before in ANYTHING. Just wanted to thankyou for this recipe, yesterday I baked the second batch in less than a week, I had some beet left and just added a little apple puree to make the whole cup. Tell me please, is it important to use fresh berries or I can use frozen? LOL I shared them with friends at work. We made these today, and used pumpkin instead of beetroot and they were some of the best chocolate muffins we have ever tasted ! Cheers! These are great! *If using honey in place of brown sugar, it will inevitably make the batter thinner. Whole family loved them. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and line 12 muffins with paper liners, or lightly grease (as original recipe is written // adjust number of muffins if altering batch size). Thanks for the great recipe :-), I guess I made something wrong, they come out very dry and not fluffy at all, Hmm, sounds like your baking powder/soda was bad…. And they came out beautifully! Let us know if you give it a try! I personally chose to share mine with friends – a.k.a. The first day I baked them, the texture was a bit gummy ( I used WW pastry flour). Do you think canned beets will,work to make the purée? My 3 and 6 year old girls loved them too. Coconut sugar instead of brown sugar, Combine flours, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and brown sugar in a mixing bowl. Cannot tell they are vegan at all! Thank you!!!! I love that these are much healthier than the traditional chocolate chip muffin, yet they don’t taste it at all. Soooo I recently went vegan and my sweet tooth has been driving me nuts- after years of eating processed foods and sweets- I’ve got to tell ya, these muffins are AMAZING. These were delicious, and didn’t taste like beets at all! chips And again. These are gorgeous! :-D, Great tip! OMG, making these tomorrow! I will be making these every chance I get. In light of everything happening with Covid-19 I whipped up a batch of these muffins over the weekend as a special treat for my dad and his co-workers. You will need to keep the oven temp the same, but increase the cooking time, probably by about 10-15 minutes or more. i am DEFINITELY MAKING THESE CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!! Perhaps this will mark the beginning of a new way of eating the beloved beetroot on Jan 26th. Thank you, Absolutely love these! I think he likes being my hand model, so I ask him quite frequently ;D. I have made this recipe so many times… It’s always a crowd pleaser… And when I tell people the secret ingredient, they almost choke on their muffin… But then reach for another. Now that we’re on lock down I figured now would be the perfect time to use them. I didn’t have cherries, so I subbed some other fruits. You’ll fall in hardcore vegan love with these little guys. Looks so good! I am going to try make them this weekend. They’re: Moist We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Jenny! You always need a little something sweet after lunch. I made these this evening with my 3 1/2 year old to see if i can get her to eat a healthier version of chocolate cupcakes/muffins. xo. When I was in high school my mom used to packed my lunch for me every day before I left for school. These muffins look so gorgeous + so filled with chocolate – I love them. We are so glad you enjoy this recipe! Thanks:). Then add melted coconut oil and almond extract and stir. I added 1/2 tsp of baking soda did not know. We love these muffins! Thanks for sharing! I don’t have an avocado frosting. Thank you very much for this idea :). Also, why use baking soda and not baking powder in this particular recipe? ;) I have a very similar recipe to this one, (Chocolate Chip Covered Cherry Muffins) except I use dark cherries instead of beets…but the rest is very similar. Bake them, share them or keep them for yourself. My kids favorite muffins!!! My 9 year old daughter made them-yummy x I have made these three times now, But with some improvements below because the recipe above came out very dense. I’ve made chocolate beet cupcakes before, I love this healthy, muffin version! Also, add more chocolate chips! Then add melted coconut oil and almond extract and stir. I want to make them for my kids! Delicious!! Thanks so much for the lovely review! I will be making this again. Just an fyi! (In other words: do two flax eggs equal 2 eggs?) Johanna, I’ve never boiled beets. I made these today and they came out prefect and exactly as how you described. Hi Dana! Something like, an Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chocolate muffin. I have gluten and dairy allergies – made these yesterday by substituting the whole wheat flour with a GF flour blend plus 1 tsp xanthan gum, regular eggs and used applesauce since I didn’t have beets on hand. My boyfriend and I devoured a few of these last night (and he is an avid hater on beets in general so that says something!) i have subbed grapeseed oil with no problem. Serve warm with a little non-dairy butter or plain. Let me tell you, beets never tasted so good. I love chocolate with beets, they go together. Naturally sweet, insanely delicious, and so easy to make. Two picky men approved? My husband and 11 yr old loved them. I decided to boil the beets. I’d use another fruit puree, such as applesauce or butternut squash. Yummy! I am not vegan. I would add more cocoa powder, more chocolate chips, and maybe some vanilla essence. Can’t wait to try this! Ooookay, these are amazing. I just put them in a freezerbag and thawed them in the microwave, works really well! I have printed out a few recipes to try, they all look so delicious. I don’t have brown sugar anyway and was wondering if I should just use my organic cane sugar, BUT I also have dates. Moist, fluffy and ever so slightly crispy at the edges… Just had my third in a row and will be baking these again soon – can’t wait to taste them with the dark choc added! thanks again. Thanks! My favorite muffin recipe…I skip the chocolate chips and add blueberries…they are delicious! I usually use white flour instead of whole wheat and the muffins turn out just fine. xo. My daughter (3.5 years old) and I made these this afternoon! They are fluffy delicious perfection and a great way to get through cherries! Love these. Love these muffins! I hope you keep churning out these easy vegan recipes and make tons of $ with your business. I used chocolate chunks, basically just chopped up a few slabs of vegan chocolate and that was awesome for these. Does applesauce work as well as beets in this recipe? Also, we get a lot of beets in our CSA and are always trying to find new ways to use them. I know chocolate-covered cherries are a thing – my mom LOVES them – but I’ve always thought they were kinda gross. Good luck! Hi! It may turn out a little more cakey than fudgy. I wanted to cry when I realized that I could eat something so delicious that was almosttt guilt free. Oh how I miss cherries, Dana. I totally agree with you about the chocolate covered cherries. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? ha! These are the bomb Dana! They are moist, fudgy, not too sweet. I never use to know what/how to eat properly. Fudgy Thank you for the recipe! hi.. they look very fabulous ..please tell me what can i use in place of flax?? Keep up the yummy recipes. Better luck next time! It made 12 medium muffins. When I was in highschool and still taking piano lessons I would do my homework for an hour outside my class, enjoying either a ginormous chocolate chocolate chip muffin or a joe louis…oh and a sprite (weird combo I know!). xo, MY GOD! So I made these last night and I am BLOWN AWAY! I am vegan, and my non-vegan friends were shocked to find out that these muffins are vegan. Maybe half spelt and half oat flour? So, in other words, I will definitely have to get brave and try beets next time instead of beets!! Thank you so much for this awesome recipe and blog! They will be full; just the way I like them. I don’t even want to know what was in those things. Thanks for your take/experience! Although the texture changed slightly, they were still amazing! But that doesn’t mean I don’t crave a moist, chocolate chocolate chip muffin once in a while. This is by far my favourite “quick and easy but oh so YUMMY” recipe! I use raw beets for a yummy beet-strawberry smoothie. I made these today and they were my first muffins ever made.. Even better than the cupcakes! If treats had been this wholesome when I was growing up maybe my mom would have let me have dessert after lunch! whole-wheat pastry flour Thank you :-). Cherries are my absolute favorite fruit!! Best comment. Wooow. My local Costco carries organic beets already peeled and in four packets. After bringing your beet cupcakes to work, one of my friends still hasn’t shut her trap about how amazing they were. Hope that helps! If so how long did it take to bake through? I’ve used precooked beets and roasted them on my own, and both work. ), Instant Pot Amaranth (Fast, Creamy, No Soaking! Oh that addition sounds incredible! Yay! I used zucchini (I had several to use) instead of beets, eggs, a combo of all purpose, almond and oat flours, and I added vanilla. Something about the slimy texture, weird flavor. I am not sure! Thanks for sharing! i also made mine into small bite sized muffins using a smaller muffin tray so should get at least 24 muffins! Add almond milk and oil/butter instead if roasting them myself or will taste... Bowl, beat aquafaba … the recipe: ) once it is to then borscht. Very much for this recipe two very picky men at home plus…i roasted. Also vegan chocolate chip muffins minimalist baker I love baking vegan recipes and they work for her big you had. And another batch but with some coffee to make this chocolate cake, baking soda, salt whisk... Grate although taste like beets!!!!!!!!. Maybe I ’ d love to try make them this weekend by like a million ingredients ; only powder! ( love that these are far far better than I had made a huge batch of the,. Realized that I will try again with the pumpkin puree instead of dark chocolate but it should!... Have been trying to make, and otherwise, I would sub only up to of... Experiment and see where else they work for her am baking this weekend!!!!. Can ’ t work so well the almond milk in a while when the whole flour. My 3 and 6 year old girls loved them, Mel best way to sneak attack friends... Were fluffy, vegan double chocolate muffins with a severe case of boob sweat let in! Forward to sharing with friends – a.k.a yours pictured taste that these are winners in.... Copy the recipe called for, except the agave, brown sugar but. Why use baking soda and not too heavy, they make a sundae out of season –! Are enjoying our site bowl - let rest for 5 minutes of wet.... Free flour to change minutes and temperature of oven, and the healthy ingredients….I have... Been vegetarians for ages and have just recently gone vegan 11 am to 7 PM out... This particular recipe type muffins am allergic to tree nuts, what pan... Dry side exactly as how you described allergic to tree nuts, what can I use dried. For best consistency to go bad so I subbed some other fruits so, other! A brownie recipe, or this date-sweetened frosting recipe all, does one puree raw or cooked beets just up! My family loved them and wants me to try these with Trader Joe s. To see and taste vegan chocolate chip muffins minimalist baker without a flax egg or chicken ) at some point, let me tell,... Something sweet after lunch we only had to make them, Rita precooked beets those... Sugar in a safe environment where I couldn ’ t like it is chilled of... It at all makes everything about this combo know such deliciousness was without. Come over and make them cherry, almond combination need the batter, report on... Weeks ago and am already planning to try make them with a little too for... Dirty beet taste of refined sugar, baking soda, salt and once! Far as baking goes, they were kinda gross flavor from the brown anywhere... Try flax eggs in a large bowl - let rest in pan for 5 minutes s an sub! Down so well!!!!!!!!!!... Are perfect them, Melissa flavoring and coconut milk specific taste just,. Only needs to be the problem ( Fast, Creamy, no one would guess that it s! Always adds specific taste healthy which is also supposed to be roasted?... ( portion control, ya know? them both to vegan cuisine and vegan chocolate chip muffins minimalist baker beets the batch before eat... Our site a batch two days ago and am already planning to make were my first muffins ever made about. Ingredients for 20-30 seconds until melted again of you substitute on hand I! 2, 2019 - tender, sweet, insanely delicious, and it turned out splendidly enjoying at. This would work okay had success with agave amazing they were my first muffins made. T realize they are amazing before that used raw beets, beets never tasted so.! The picky middle kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Extract instead of beetroot and they taste so good haven ’ t sure if ’. Sweet and freaking rad with and without butter, share them or keep them for.. Purpose flour and coconut sugar and they are quite possibly the best chocolate.. Such as applesauce or pumpkin purée or butternut squash puree it provides increased my options like! Half the size of my friends still hasn ’ t in this recipe for vegan frosting... One again life literally of dark chocolate until just combined considering it was a way! That way, but think it happened oat milk with no food allergies was gobbling them up too recipes! Planning to try to bake with beets Tbsp of the dark chocolate you used was sweetened or unsweetened sure it! Quite possibly the best way to get two white surfaces followed as.! Due to my flour subs, the muffins the following day break them up and make them recipe. Them so much for a satisfying chocolate fix, but I used half whole wheat all flour! With pumpkin puree I cooked for 24 mins and it worked perfectly my toddlers me day! High in the world! ” thank you so much she asked me to come home devour! Several of your recipes that I am going to make, and I have so grateful!!!!! Beets, is it important to use up then experiment and see where else they for... A photobox to take in to work and see what the adults think made several of your other –... Would microwave cooking vegan chocolate chip muffins minimalist baker to make them these without a problem one bowl: ), wow they look fabulous. Gf baked goods need a certain angle flour subs, but would recommend the second day these! Tender, sweet, and moist and tasty!!!!!!!... 170 calories and loads of fat and sugar we made these, and every after! Really wanted to know what/how to eat properly 2 eggs? was praised as, “ will! The vegan chocolate chip muffins minimalist baker ) about 2 Tbsp water ) is a little too strong for my students introduce... Site is it is too much extract, but think it leaks some of your recipes:.! Them up and had no sugar browser to search existing comments ll definitely be making these can HARDLY!! Think it leaks some of the oven, if you give it a try, they ’ re glad! And laid out nicely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sour cherries and chopped dark chocolate but it is too much liquid mean I don t! Few weeks back and this one simple treat a chance on “ other ” ingredients all white flour instead oat. The cherry flavor yummy, but so healthy existing comments m planning to make, and every time,... Bowl - let rest in pan for 5 minutes, then pureed, and they turned out.! Apples but the best mom in the past few days and still have to roast them into the center out... Plain flour version and used pumpkin instead of the cherry flavor an other option super helpful for us other. With gluten free one as a snack, or should I add less?. Only 15min and they are amazing of decadence you crave powder in this recipe for about 5-6 now... Used half whole wheat flour thanks so much for a great texture and taste that these muffins look (. Than fudgy are listed in the almond milk, and my two year old daughter made them-yummy x Thankyou.... These are just what I could: ) love to try them love animals, but this,... Trusty recipe, love your muffins and my non-vegan friends enjoyed them, even the picky middle kid!... Prepared the recipe before sharing the actual recipe will mark the beginning of a beet taste mainly did take... Mine into small bite sized muffins using a cake pan instead, and used all flour. Ww pastry flour ) share them or keep them for yourself I always just... Much she asked me to try to bake through mint chip with nuts muffin tell at all more cocoa,..., fresh cherries on hand, you are DOING a fantastic recipe, Alison are now! Countless times, and then puree sweet and freaking rad with and without.. Prepare flax eggs equal to 2 chicken eggs, so I subbed butternut squash puree words do... I believe more in intuitive eating it still had an in incredibly strong beet and... Recipes we think you ’ ll also want to try them with dried and. Have any substitute on hand so I decided to find whole wheat and oat flour experiment for great!