Remember “The Love Boat”?


One of my favorite shows as a kid.  I remember thinking how glamorous sailing would be.  How envious I was when I found out that my grandparents were going to sail on “The Love Boat”.  Maybe the actual show ship or maybe a Princess ship that was identical, I’m not entirely sure which as I was quite young when they sailed.   I still remember the photo hanging on their hallway wall of being dressed to the nines on that curved staircase on board.

This past week, Captain Merrill Stubing from “The Love Boat” also known as Gavin MacLeod in real life, celebrated his 80th birthday on board the Golden Princess.  MacLeod is a long time ambassador for Princess Cruise Lines.   On March 2nd, Princess honored him with a cake that was a 5 foot replica of the original love boat, the Pacific Princess.  What an amazing way to celebrate!!

Happy Sailing 🙂