Radiance of the Seas Drydock

Radiance of the Seas

This 10 year old ship needed some refreshing.  My husband and I sailed on her in 2009 and thought it was a great cruise but needed some updating onboard.

The Radiance just came out of a 21 day, $19 millon drydock and has some fabulous new features that were introduced on the Oasis class ships.   Among those new upgrades are some great places to dine such as The Samba Grill, a Brazilian steakhouse; Rita’s Cantina, a Mexican eatery;  Giovanni’s Table, an Italian restaurant; Asian Izumi restaurant; and the Park Café deli-style restaurant.  Lots of fun new options 🙂

The Radiance of the Seas now has 15 more staterooms, 3 of which are cabins for singles.  Can’t wait to hear about the reviews of the single cabins, new to Royal Caribbean International.   Having once sailed as a single, these staterooms would have been wonderful, paying the fare of two guests for one person to sail is hard on the pocketbook.

The Radiance was also given the Royal Babies and Tots Nursery new on the Oasis class ships.  This offers parents a daycare for babies and toddlers through 36 months old, offering playgroups and activities developed for Royal Caribbean through partnerships with Fisher Price and Crayola.

This summer, the Radiance will sail alternating, seven-night Northbound and Southbound Alaska itineraries before repositioning for its first winter 2011 season to Australia and New Zealand.

Happy Sailing 🙂