Why Use a Cruise Specialist?

Cruise3sixty Conference for Cruise Professionals

Cruise3sixty Conference for Cruise Professionals

Stress-free cruise planning – You already have a job, let me do the research for you.  I LOVE to research cruises!!  There is a lot of information out there to wade through courtesy of the Internet.  So much so, that people are returning to travel professionals to take this off  their hands.  I will narrow down the options so it will be easier to decide which cruise to take.

It’s not just about price – As your cruise specialist, I will make sure you are matched up with the best cruise line, ship and itinerary most suited to your lifestyle, wishes and needs.  I will ask you a lot of questions to help make your decision.  Choosing a cruise is not as simple as picking a hotel or an airline, there are a lot more options to consider.  I will help you choose the right stateroom and the right dining times for you.   Need to know when it’s best to visit the spa?  I can help you with that, too.  I have a lot of experience with cruising and can answer questions and concerns – a perk that an online agency cannot provide.  I will walk you through what travel documents you need and discuss protecting your cruise vacation with travel insurance.  If you need help in arranging a wedding ceremony onboard, ordering gluten-free or kosher meals, or dealing with accessibility issues – as a qualified agent, I will be able to make the proper arrangements for you or advise you on how to handle the issue yourself.

Speaking of price – First of all, I do not charge a service fee.  The cruise lines pay me from their profits after you  have sailed.  I will  do the research to get the best available fare for you.  As a member of Vacation.com consortium, I have access to upgrades and specials not available to the general public.

I will be your advocate – Should you run into a problem while on your cruise, I can help get it resolved.  As your cruise specialist, I will do my best to make sure restitution is made.  Without a travel professional, you are on your own.

Bottom line – I want to make planning your cruise a great experience.  I am here to help you with my expertise and personalized service to send you off on the cruise vacation of your dreams!

Happy Sailing 🙂