I Love Good Surprises!

Guess what?  I just saved six of my clients an average of $250 each for their upcoming cruises!

I had the pleasure of telling several of my clients that I was able to take advantage of new lower cruise pricing for their already booked summer cruise vacations, yay!!  I love delivering good news, especially when it involves saving my clients some hard earned vacation money.

One of the things I do for my clients is keep an eye on their cruise rates after they book in case there is a price drop.   The biggest savings so far happened this week for my clients in Tennessee.

A family of four, Mom and Dad in one stateroom, and the kids across the hall, a whopping $620 for the two staterooms.  They are sailing in July, so final payment hasn’t been made yet and the cruise line adjusted the rate when I called to ask.  Fun!

I was also able to save a co-worker over $300 for her stateroom and over $400 for her cousin’s stateroom, wow!!  This isn’t something that happens every day, so to make it happen for several of my clients all at once is really awesome!

A lot of this depends on the time of year and the itinerary.  Sometimes there is a need for a sale to fill the ship.  I’m just happy it happens once in a while, I love to surprise my clients!

Happy Sailing 🙂