I Love Good Surprises!

Guess what?  I just saved six of my clients an average of $250 each for their upcoming cruises!

I had the pleasure of telling several of my clients that I was able to take advantage of new lower cruise pricing for their already booked summer cruise vacations, yay!!  I love delivering good news, especially when it involves saving my clients some hard earned vacation money.

One of the things I do for my clients is keep an eye on their cruise rates after they book in case there is a price drop.   The biggest savings so far happened this week for my clients in Tennessee.

A family of four, Mom and Dad in one stateroom, and the kids across the hall, a whopping $620 for the two staterooms.  They are sailing in July, so final payment hasn’t been made yet and the cruise line adjusted the rate when I called to ask.  Fun!

I was also able to save a co-worker over $300 for her stateroom and over $400 for her cousin’s stateroom, wow!!  This isn’t something that happens every day, so to make it happen for several of my clients all at once is really awesome!

A lot of this depends on the time of year and the itinerary.  Sometimes there is a need for a sale to fill the ship.  I’m just happy it happens once in a while, I love to surprise my clients!

Happy Sailing 🙂

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  1. David Luscombe
    David Luscombe says:

    Trista, as mentioned on my voice mail, I am a friend of Lynn and Brett/Mike Riley here in Cedar Park, TX

    We are talking about a tour/cruise to Alaska this summer. Dates are pretty open in June or July. We will need two cabins for Brett and Lynn and David and Nancy Luscombe.

    We are thinking about flying into Anchorage or Fairbanks doing a few days in Denali and then taking a Princess boat back down to Vancouver.

    We will need the Princess options and air fare to/from Austin.

    Let’s get together and start looking at dates, options and costs. Lynn is too busy with her son in the hospital and school to work on this so I thought I would get us started.

    Let me know what’s next.
    Cell: 512.922.0009

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