Cow Butt Stateroom – Awesome

How clever!  Royal Caribbean sure knows how to put a positive spin on a stateroom dilemma…

There is an inside stateroom on the Freedom Class ships of Royal Caribbean that has a window to the Royal Promenade.  This stateroom is located directly above the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream shop, stateroom #6305.

As it turns out, when you look through the window, you have a wonderful view of the backside of two life-size cows that sit on top of the ice cream shop!   Seeing this as a bit of a disadvantage to the passengers booked in this stateroom, so Royal Caribbean decided to make it something unique and sought after.

Royal Caribbean has coined the stateroom, the “Ben and Jerry’s Sweet”.  The decor is cow-themed, of course.  From the sheets to the pillows to the wall hangings to the towel hooks.  Fun!

Check out this video for a tour of the room!

The best part is the complimentary ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s for two guests, once a day on the cruise.  The rumor is that the stateroom also includes access to the Concierge Lounge (for passengers over 18 years old), which is otherwise only available to passengers who book a suite.

What a creative way to market this less-than-desirable location!

Shown on the deck plan as a normal stateroom, this is a real insider tip.  If you are a Ben and Jerry’s lover and tend to book the inside category, this stateroom is for you!

Happy Sailing!  🙂


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