Funny (okay, stupid) Questions Asked On Board a Cruise Ship

Jason's 40th Birthday Cruise 172

I’ll never forget my first debarkation talk onboad the Carnival Destiny.  Our cruise director decided we needed a little humor and proceeded to tell us some of the questions he had been asked from past passengers…..

1.  Does this elevator go to the front of the ship?  (This isn’t Star Trek.)

2.  Does the crew sleep onboard?  (Um, versus being flown off at night in a helicopter?)

3.  What do they do with the ice sculptures once they melt?  (They make ice tea with it?)

4.  What time is the midnight buffet?  (Hmmmmmm…….)

5.  In the photo gallery, a passenger exclaims, “How will I know which pictures are mine?!”

6.  Does the ship make it’s own electricity? (Don’t you see the extra long extension cord off the back of the ship??)

7.  Do I put my luggage outside my stateroom before or after I go to bed?

8.  Is the water in the toilet salt or fresh?  (WHY do you want to know?!)

9.  Is this island completely surrounded by water?

10. Two women were sitting by the pool. One of the ladies asked the cruise director what kind of water did they fill the pool with — fresh water or sea water? The cruise director answered, “Sea water.” She then asked, “Does that explain why the pool is so rough today?”

Happy Sailing 🙂

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