Reasons I love to cruise….

1.  I only have to unpack once!  I get to visit several places without ever having to pack it all up to move on.  It’s a great way to see many places.

2.  The all-inclusive price.  I pretty much know how much my trip will cost me prior to going.  The only things to budget for in addition are beverages, shopping and shore excursions!  Of course, time in the spa is additional as well. 

3.  Cruising is definitely romantic.  Sitting on the balcony with your loved one having a glass of wine or a pina colada is amazing!  The secluded beaches and spa services are just part of the romance…. 

4.  You will never go hungry!  There are so many dining options, lots of fun places to eat, most are included in the price of the cruise.

5.  There is a huge selection of places to visit!  There are over 1800 ports of call and over 150 ships to choose from, there is a cruise for everyone!!

6.  The entertainment is awesome, a lot of fabulous performers on board to make a great show every evening.  Did I mention this is included in the cost of the cruise? 🙂

7. Tons of activities, I am never board!  From sightseeing to sports, educational tours, gaming, dance lessons, cooking classes and lounging by the pool are just some of the activities to occupy your time.  Do as little or as much as you want! 

Cruising has something for everyone.  It is a vacation of a lifetime and available to everyone.  See the world and completely unwind, an adventure like no other.

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