The Best Laid Plans……

No matter how hard and long you plan for something,  there is still no guarantee that all will go as you hope.  It could be the weather, work-related issues or sickness/injury that puts a kink in your plans, you just never know what can come up at the last minute.  I had been in the process of planning for a group cruise for over a year and wouldn’t you know it, three days before we were to set sail last month, one member of our party fell and broke her pelvis.  With this injury, there was no way she could have gone on this cruise and enjoyed herself.   I didn’t see this one coming!  Rats.

I always recommend to my clients that protecting your cruise vacation with insurance is the smart way to go and my group learned first hand how important this truly is.   Thankfully, they had chosen to protect their investment by purchasing vacation insurance and can expect a full refund.   While it was terribly upsetting that she and her husband had to miss the cruise, at least it wasn’t made worse by being out the money they had invested in the vacation.  Life can throw us surprises and while we don’t always know what’s coming, it is best to be prepared.

On to planning their next cruise vacation…..

Happy Sailing 🙂



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